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Unlock Cricket INFLUENCE V350C

Unlock Cricket INFLUENCE V350C | You have a Cricket INFLUENCE Smartphone and want to unlock it for use on another service provider’s SIM card?

You are in the right place. We can safely and permanently unlock your Cricket INFLUENCE phone in a short period of time and we provide this service at the lowest possible price.

Cricket INFLUENCE phone unlocking is quite simple. You don’t have to put a lot of effort and it doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes. Please read full guide below to find out how you can unlock Cricket INFLUENCE phone.

Quick and simple WAY to unlock Cricket INFLUENCE

There are several ways to unlock Cricket INFLUENCE phone, but the safest, simplest, quickest and legal method to do is: ‘Remote unlocking method’.

We unlock Cricket INFLUENCE phone through the ‘remote unlock’ method and we do all of this very quickly and professionally. After starting the unlocking service from our side, in a few minutes. You will be able to use Cricket INFLUENCE phone with any gsm service provider.

Also, this is the permanent unlock method. Your Cricket INFLUENCE phone will stay unlocked even if you factory reset or update the phone.

How do i get Cricket INFLUENCE Unlock Service.

To get unlock service for Cricket INFLUENCE phone.

The first step is: Find the IMEI NUMBER of the Cricket INFLUENCE phone.

The easiest way to find the unique IMEI NUMBER of the Cricket INFLUENCE phone is dial *#06#

The second step to do is: Put the IMEI NUMBER of Cricket INFLUENCE in the order form and pay to get the unlock service.

Once we’ve received the notification of order, we will contact to you on whatsapp also at email id and begin the Cricket INFLUENCE unlocking process.

What do i need to do to Unlock Cricket INFLUENCE?

You have to do these two things:

First: You have to enable USB debugging on Cricket INFLUENCE phone.

To enable USB DEBUGGING please click on this link:-> How to enable usb debugging on Cricket INFLUENCE phone.

Second: You need to connect Cricket INFLUENCE phone on unlock server.

You can read about it here:-> How to connect Cricket INFLUENCE phone on unlock server.

Note: The blacklisted Cricket INFLUENCE phone will not work on US networks, and the Cricket INFLUENCE unlocking process may take longer than the specified time.


This is a remote unlock service. we will unlock the Cricket INFLUENCE phone online via USB cable method. we do not provide unlock code for Cricket INFLUENCE V350C phone.


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