XFINITY LG K30 Unlock Code

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XFINITY LG K30 Unlock Code

XFINITY LG K30 Unlock Code | Want to unlock the SIM slot of your XFINITY LG K30 LMX410UM Smartphone?

You are not a technoid and you’ve no idea about unlocking process of XFINITY LG K30 device?

Let’s start this with the comprehensive guide on how to Unlock XFINITY LG K30 and what are the benefits of unlocking an XFINITY LG K30 phone.

How to unlock XFINITY LG K30 phone?

To unlock the XFINITY LG K30 LMX410UM phone. First of all, you need to find the IMEI number.


1st method is:

BY dialling *#06# on the KEYPAD.

2nd method is:

Go to Phone Settings > About phone > Status

After getting XFINITY LG K30 IMEI number, the next thing to do is:

Purchase the XFINITY LG K30 Unlock Code:

To purchase the XFINITY LG K30 unlock code. Type the IMEI NUMBER and contact info in order form. On the next page pay for the service. We will deliver the unlock code at your email id.

Last thing to do:

Once you have XFINITY LG K30 Unlock Code in hands.

  • Remove the XFINITY SIM card and insert a SIM card of a different service provider.
  • Reboot the XFINITY LG K30 device.
  • On prompt, Enter the unlock code.
  • XFINITY LG K30 phone will be unlocked. cheers !

Advantages of an unlocked XFINITY LG K30 phone

There are multiple benefits of a XFINITY LG K30 unlocked phone. Some of them are: You can use your unlocked XFINITY LG K30 phone at any time with the service provider of your choice. You can take the XFINITY LG K30 with you when you travel abroad and you can save hundreds of dollars by using the SIM card from a local service provider. You can gift or sell XFINITY LG K30 LMX410UM smartphone to anyone in the world, an unlocked phone works anywhere.

1 review for XFINITY LG K30 Unlock Code

  1. Thomas Jennings (verified owner)

    i received the 8 digits unlock code. now my phone accepts the sim card of another operator.

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